Customized Harry Potter Box


The Customised Harry Potter Box combines all the coveted goodies from Harry Potter that would integrate you into Hogwarts and the wizarding world. The box includes a custom made daily prophet newspaper, a chocolate frog card from the cart lady on the Hogwarts Express and an acceptance letter from Deputy Headmistress Minerva McGonagall herself.

Just mail us your best picture with your name and address details along with your order number on with the subject line - CUSTOMIZED HARRY POTTER BOX and we will handle the rest.

Note: If you wish to include harry potter products in the box, please add them to the cart during purchase and we will include them. Please note other products are to be bought seprately and are not included in the box.

ALL ORDERS PLACED NEED TO BE PREPAID. Please do not choose the COD option as your order will be cancelled automatically. Additionally, the order will take approximately 7 to 11 days to dispatch since we take special care when customising products. Customised orders are not subject to returns or exchanges.