Real Life Game of Thrones Locations

Real Life Game of Thrones Locations

Flying with humongous dragons over sprawling beaches, sword fighting on grassy plains, scheming and storming in gigantic castles or taking the walk of shame on cobblestoned streets; when it comes to filming locations, Game of Thrones has the  most extensive and exotic ones you could think of. Shooting mainly in Spain, Morocco, Croatia, Northern Ireland and Malta, the cast and crew of Game of Thrones has travelled the entire world just to provide us with quality content.

Whether you are a fan of the books by George R.R. Martin and are patiently waiting for the last book, or have just finished the last season and are reminiscent of the good ole bloodshed days, planning a trip around the real life Game of Thrones locations could be exactly what heals the Mountain sized hole in your heart.



If you ever wished to stand on the very ground where the Starks greeted the Lannisters for the very first time or where so many important events occurred, Castle Ward in Northern Ireland is just the place for you. The Castle Ward is a 1000 acre property near the village of Strangford. Built by Nicholas Ward in 1590, the Castle is an iconic location that has gained extreme popularity in recent years. The castle also offers Winterfell Tours in which you can visit over 20 locations where filming took place and indulge in various GOT activities including playing with the Direwolf Dogs. The tour guides ensure at least 3 hours of exploring if you opt for the tour.

Castle Ward; Set for Winterfell


The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland are a set of beech trees planted by the Stuart Family in the 18th century. While the haunting beech trees form the entrance for the mansion they are also a prime location for the King’s Road in a Game of Thrones. The Kings Road is the longest road in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and was the place from where Arya and Gendry were transported.

Dark Hedges; Set for King's Road


An 11km stretch of unspoiled sand, the Downhill Beach is one of the prime places to visit for all Game of Thrones lovers. The beach was the set for Dragonstone, the place where Melisandre said the famous dialogue- “For the night is dark and full of terrors.” Aside from walking down memory lane, you can also take your car on the beach or indulge in the tonne of water sports that is present.

Downhill Strand; Set for Dragonstone


The home of the Ironborn, the seaside cut- throat Iron Islands are filmed in the sleepy village of Ballintoy Harbour. The Iron Islands was where the plot of the Greyjoys unravelled for most of the series whereas Ballintoy Harbour is known for being a quaint town with some mind blowing scenery and scenic views of the entire coast.



The Red Keep, Great Sept of Baelor and the Dragonpit. Kings Landing has them all and not only that but the iron throne itself is part of the Red Keep in King’s Landing. An ancient place like this definitely required a city just as ancient looking with treasures on every turn. Dubrovnik was the principle location for King’s Landing and Stradun, the paved main street in old town, was where Cercei took her walk of atonement with “Shame! Shame! Shame!” ringing in her ears.

Dubrovnik; Set for Kings Landing


The most prosperous of the free cities, Braavos was shot in Sibenik, Croatia. The house of black and white where Arya finds her calling as “No One” was an inhouse production but the winding streets where Arya is blinded was entirely shot in the medieval Sibenik, Croatia.



The sunspear and water gardens of the southern continent of Dorne were always considered to be devilishly beautiful. The birthplace of Oberyn Martell and eventual kingdom of Elaria Sand, Dorne was filmed in the magnificent Alcazar Palace in Seville, Spain. The palace is considered the oldest in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a stroll through the maze of gardens where Marcella and Tristan romanced each other or visit the castle of the Martell’s who lived in all their glory.


Castillo de Almodovar del Rio in Cordoba, Spain is the seat of the now extinct Tyrell House. Highgarden is the main source of crops and grains and the place where Olenna Tyrell took her legendary death with all the grace of a queen. The Castillo de Almodóvar del Río can be seen up close in all its glory including the dungeons, the weapons and the castle walls or through the river cruise over the Guadalquivir.



The home of the Lannisters, Casterly Rock is a fortified castle where the ultimate battle between Jaime and the unsullied took place. The castle scenes and the battle was in fact shot at Castle of Trujillo in Caceres. The town of Trujillo is mainly known for having a tonne of grand churches and for hosting the national cheese festival on an annual basis. 



When scouting for locations, there is no place better than to shoot the rugged territory of mystery and magic than Earth's own mystery land, Iceland. The land covered with sheets of ice with majestic waterfalls and gorgeous, clear hot water springs made for the perfect location to shoot Beyond the Wall scenes with the white walkers and the wildling army. The feel of the place added to the haunting aura that made “Winter is Coming” an ominous dialogue come to life.




The desert place of Morocco in Africa holds a special UNESCO World Heritage Site which is also a major trading route. Just a few hours from Marrakech, the Ait- Ben- Haddou is a place where both the present and the ancient history seem to collide, making it the perfect spot for Yunkai and Pentos, the slave cities conquered by Daneyrs Targeryan. The clay and mud architecture gives an outworldly feel to the entire place which would appeal to even the ones who are not familiar with the mega HBO series.