• Real Life Game of Thrones Locations

    Real Life Game of Thrones Locations

    Flying with humongous dragons over sprawling beaches, sword fighting on grassy plains, scheming and storming in gigantic castles or taking the walk of shame on cobblestoned streets; when it comes to filming locations, Game of Thrones has the  most extensive and exotic ones you could think of. Shooting mainly in Spain, Morocco, Croatia, Northern Ireland and Malta, the cast and crew of Game of Thrones has travelled the entire world just to provide us with quality content.

    Whether you are a fan of the books by George R.R. Martin and are patiently waiting for the last book, or have just finished the last season and are reminiscent of the good ole bloodshed days, planning a trip around the real life Game of Thrones locations could be exactly what heals the Mountain sized hole in your heart.

  • Spells We Wish Were Real

    How I wish the magical world of Harry Potter actually existed! The castle, the scarlet Hogwarts Express, every flavour beans, wands…..EVERYTHING! 

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t (or does it?).

    But what if the spells were useful to us muggles? What would we use it for? Because let’s be honest, the muggle struggle is real. 

    Here is the list of my top 7 (of course) spells that would have been super convenient for us!

    1. Accio

    This spell was literally made for lazy bugs. No seriously. Remember when Fred and George used it to get their broomsticks and defy Dolores Umbridge? That was dramatic. And it was a mouth opening exit. We, on the other end, would probably end up using it for mundane and dull stuff. Like if we forgot our phones in the other room “Accio Phone!”

    1. 3 Harry Potter fan theories that are actually pretty convincing

      3 Harry Potter fan theories that are actually pretty convincing

      1.Voldemort, Harry, And Snape Are The Three Brothers And Dumbledore Is Death

      This fan theory states that the three characters are the three brothers from the “Tale of Three Brothers” story in Deathly Hallows and that Dumbledore is Death. The story goes that the brothers meet Death on the road. Death offers them their deepest desires in exchange for their souls. The first wishes for a powerful weapon and is given the Elder Wand. The second asks Death to bring back his wife and receives the Resurrection Stone. The third brother cleverly asks for a way to hide from Death and is given the Cloak of Invisibility. Voldemort dies for power, Severus dies for love, and Harry speaks to his old friend, Dumbledore/Death, in the afterlife.

      Rowling loves the Dumbledore theory, tweeting, “Dumble

    2. Friends: 3 Crazy Fan Theories That Might Be True

      Friends: 3 Crazy Fan Theories That Might Be True

      There are still people trying to replicate Rachel’s style or perfectly implement Chandler’s sarcastic wit into their daily conversations. With the reruns and it’s addition to Netflix, the show has gained an entirely new generation of fans.

      Any popular television show is going to spawn thousands of theories from viewers. Fan theories range from the simple, unremarkable details to full-blown conspiracies that make them sound crazy.

      Every theory has it’s supporting fans, however, and some aren’t all that unbelievable with all of the evidence strung together. The internet has only made these theories grow in popularity.

      Friends theories in particular tend to be extrem

    3. Top 3 Fan Theories about Lord of the Rings!

      Top 3 Fan Theories about Lord of the Rings!


      Though it’s not featured in a big way in the films, the books go into a little more detail about the death of Frodo’s parents. Drogo and Primula Baggins drowning during a freak boating accident is tragic, but storywise, it gives Frodo less of a reason to be tied down to the Shire. But one fan theory suggests there’s a darker undercurrent to this story, that Frodo’s parents were in fact murdered. The culprit: Gollum.

      We all know that creepazoid is capable of murder. It’s arguably the first thing Smeagol ever did as Gollum.
      After the events of the Hobbit, Gollum set about finding the his precious stolen ring. Problem was, Gollum really only had two things to go on when it came to finding the ring: “Baggins” and “Shire.” It’s not out of the question that he might come across the Brandywine River on his quest, and he would certainly kill a