Marvel : Avengers Iron Man Pin Set


Big Man with a suit of armour. Take that away and what are you?”

“A genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.”

Right from the first Iron Man Series that marked the start of Marvel to the end of Endgame and even after that, we are always going to love Tony Stark aka Iron Man, 3000. The Pin set pays a tribute to the most significant character of the entire universe and the sacrifice he made for his loved ones and the rest of humanity.

Tony Stark gave his life so that you would survive and not face the wrath of the Mad Titan. Honour his legacy by getting this cool set of Iron Man pins, with some of Tony Stark’s most iconic lines and motifs engraved in them. Just flash these pins for a lifetime worth of cheeseburgers!”

In stock

Dimensions: 1*1 inch (approx.)

No of Pins: 6 

Material: Alloy, Zinc & Stainless Steel Mix

Process: Moulding, Plating & Enameling

Thickness: 1mm

© Marvel moulded on the back of every pin for authenticity

Disclaimer: Size and color may vary slightly.

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