Who Are We?

We are what comes after ABCD (get it? LOL)

EFG actually stands for Every Flavour Geeks inspired from Every Flavour Beans of Harry Potter. It literally translates to all types of Geeks that exist in this and every other universe.

We at EFG Store create and recreate awesome products from your favourite movies, TV Shows & Book Series.
Like many others, we are also a bunch of hopeful people waiting for our Hogwarts Letter. Because Voldemort probably destroyed the record
of Muggle born wizards, we are trying to help others like us feel empathetic with some retail therapy.

How Did We Become EFG?

It all started with a Time Turner.

Our Founder once wanted to order a Time Turner and it costed 50$ + shipping and she realised there has to be another way to cater to the other young, broke, fan boys & girls. Starting off with a small loan and a self-created website, she met some like-minded crazy pop-culture bobble heads that wanted to do the same thing at a much larger scale.

We started off with a 50 Sq. place where 5 of us sat every day trying to build something cool and making sure all your needs are fulfilled just a
click away. Today we are just a little bigger with cool plastic chairs and tables and JK Rowling’s Photo in front of us.

Why Do We Exist?

We want you to be happy! Too dramatic? Well we mean it. We want you to buy, own, gift, collect, cherish, show-off, hang, frame, carry-to-the-moon
your favourite merchandise.

Things that were unavailable or too expensive outside are now available to you at prices never imagined. We aim to be your saved bookmark etailer
for all pop-culture needs. See, we told you we just want you to be happy.