About Us

How did you stumble upon this page? You are either too curious or lost or bored. Nevertheless, thank you for coming here and taking an initiative to know us better. We hope you have come to this page to find out more about the amazing people who deliver your dream merch, after all not all Targaryen’s have silver hair

Who are we?

We are what comes after ABC (get it?) We at EFG Store create and recreate awesome products from your favourite movies, TV Shows & Book Series.

We hold a bunch of properties under WARNER BROS, DC COMICS, HARRY POTTER, FANTASTIC BEASTS, FRIENDS and diversify in categories like Jewellery, Accessories, Collectibles, Stationery, Gift Boxes and Toys.

We are also a bunch of young teenagers still waiting for our Hogwarts Letter. Because Voldemort probably destroyed the record of Muggle born wizards, so we are trying to help others like us feel empathetic with some retail therapy.

Why the name EFG?

What? Why didn’t you just settle for XYZ? Such creative, Much Wow “If plan ABC didn’t work, there is always plan EFG” (Spiritually dramatic loners for life)

EFG actually stand for Every Flavour Geeks inspired from Every Flavour Beans of Harry Potter. It literally translates to all types of Geeks that exists in this universe and the zillion others. The aim is to collect you crazy people and make an army and finally destroy Saruman’s eye.

Keeping it simple silly, we are called EFG Store for short and that is the brand name making some noise in the market.

What do we want?

We want you to be happy! Too dramatic? Well we mean it. We want you to buy, own, gift, collect, cherish, show-off, hang, frame, carry-to-the-moon your favourite merchandise.

Things that were unavailable or too expensive outside are now available to you at prices never imagined. We aim to be your saved bookmark etailer for all pop-culture needs. See, we told you we just want you to be happy.

When did it begin?

It all started with a Time Turner. Seriously? Yes! We went ahead in time to see what we will be doing and we saw EFG Store in the making.

Our Founder once wanted to order a Time Turner and it costed 50$ + shipping and she realised there has to be another way. That is when the dream of catering to young, broke, fan boys/girls started rising. She started off with a small loan and a self-created website before she met some like-minded crazy pop-culture bobble heads that wanted to do the same thing at a much larger scale.

We started off with a 50 Sq. place where 5 of us sat every day trying to build something cool and making sure all your needs are fulfilled just a click away. Today we are just a little bigger with cool plastic chairs and tables and JK Rowling’s Photo in front of us.

The Ninjas

We are a bunch of young kids that are working every day to be somewhere in this pop-culture market. We are a little sarcastic, somewhat procrastinating, lazy and crazy but mostly loving human beings. We love what we do and that is why we do it. From random ideas over the internet to executing really important story sessions, we love every tiny bit of it. It only takes about 13 years to fall in love with us, but you will get there.


    Founder & CEO

    21 year old, 5’1” Champion Napper

    Handles everything & everyone here (except herself)

    Known as ‘the girl that can make anything happen

    Strengths - Reads faster than Flash runs

    Weakness - Fred Weasely & Orange Lays

    Caution - Dramatic, Talkative & Hatti Chitti Jokes



    Known and recognised as #OnionKnight

    Booster and motivator of our team. FAN BOY.

    He sells onions for a living (basically ‘Kisaan’)

    Strengths - Unconditional support and a regular dose of ‘Just Calm Down’

    Weakness - Merchandise & TV Series

    Caution - Wants to own every merch ever